Welcome to Bluebird Bakery!

I am now taking orders for special event cakes, cake truffles, pops, and more!

This Page is Currently Under Construction. If you are in need of a cake or confection, please contact me with details. 

I am taking orders starting Sept. 19, 2011! Please view my work below!

Cake Truffles, Chocolate on French Vanilla

Cake Truffles, Chocolate on Vanilla. Vanilla on French Vanilla.
The Rainbow Cake, French Vanilla and Buttercream Icing

Rainbow Cake with M&M's candies, Buttercream Icing

Tiered Bridal Shower Cake.
Italian Cream with Cream Cheese. Fondant Outer Icing.

French Vanilla Cake with Rainbow Candy Decor

Baby's 1st Birthday Cake
French Vanilla with Bavarian Cream filling.
Fondant and Buttercream Icing.

Happy Birthday Girl!

Johnny Walker Cake
Cake with fondant bow
Glee Season Finale and "Popcorn" Cupcakes
Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl
Hello Kitty Cake in Fondant
Guinness Cake.
French Vanilla with Buttercream Interior
Black Fondant and white candy lettering.
Scandinavian Rosettes Cookies with Powdered Sugar