Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not dead and other semi-justifications...sort of

Dear Bleaders & Bonnie the Lurker (I know you're out there Bonnie, you might as well become a member),
       Sorry I have not written in a month. You must think I'm dead or something. To answer the questions that you were probably secretly worrying about but too shy to post:
  1. No, I have not gotten food poisoning from rancid ingredients nor have I been murdered at the poor-people "grocery" store.
  2. I have also not been arrested for feeding my coworkers or drunkard friends horrible food disasters.
  3. Also, nothing grew out of my sink and ate me.
  4. Nor has the health department evicted me for living like a total slob.
  I have been really busy. I have a new job and the wedding that is coming up THIS YEAR! What can I say, I am just a bad bloggeress. I promise to be better. Don't abandon me.

Time for Banana Bread & Other Wordlessness

Please disregard the mystery goo between the over-ripe bananas that appears to be some kind of animal footprint.