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Welcome to the Kersten Kolache Project

Hi! I'm Andrea. This blog was started to log the cooking misadventures which were undertaken in pursuit of a boy named Jon. Jon grew up in a small town of Czech heritage, surrounded by old world cuisine. I grew up on T.V. dinners and pizza. I knew the only way to win this Czech boy's heart was through his stomach. It all began as a challenge over a little Czech pastry called a Kolache. Jon's now infamous words were as follows:

"I'll marry you the day you learn how to make a good kolache."

 From that moment, I vowed to learn to cook and win the man of my dreams.

We've been together for more than five years now, though the perfect kolache still eludes me. However, I must have improved some, because he finally gave me a ring.
We were married on 12-11-10.
The poor starving Czech boy
  Learning to cook is hard work, and even after five years, I don't presume to be a chef. Now that the initial pursuit of Jon has passed, keeping him healthy and well fed is still a priority. Some women might balk when I say that, but in my opinion, there is no greater love than preparing a meal for another. So, I try to offer tidbits with a bit of snark from what I glean in my cooking debacles to you, my reader(s) to enjoy. 

Julia Child's once said,
"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

I think we would have been great friends.
Once you read my blog, I think you'll understand why.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Why did you start blogging?
I started writing about my cooking because most people I would tell my cooking stories to didn't believe just how inept in the kitchen I really am. We live in a time of "photo or it didn't happen." I really didn't expect this adventure to last, as I have horrible follow through with almost everything I start. I'm sticking with it though. Maybe, one day, I will get some fans.

Why did you pick food to write about?

Two reasons really.

The main reason this whole blog was started was for the love of a man; a man that introduced me to food, and taught me how to eat.  Read the first post on the blog for a the whole story, or the About Me for a short.

Another reason I write about food is because I think our country is really out of touch with cooking and real, wholesome food. I grew up in a house of tv dinners, fried brown foods, and take out. I don't blame my parents at all, they were just trying to do the best they could with 2 snotty kids, and my mom just tried to keep up! Bless her.

Are your stories true?
Yes. Aside from the odd exaggeration for comic effect, my stories are completely true.

What are your top five favorite posts?
Here they are in no particular order.
  1. The Time I Stole Eggs from Iron Chef Bobby Flay
  2. A Good Recipe Never Works Twice
  3. Getting Yelled at at Whole Foods, a Humiliating Way to Spend Your Saturday
  4. Things I've Been Accused of: "Being Such a Guy"
  5. I Chopped My Finger Off

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 I look forward to welcoming you to the blog!

Can I contact you?
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