Monday, June 7, 2010

Minor Celebrity-dom and Other Joys

The office contest has come and gone. There were many goodies to choose from, some awesome, others...scary. I have to shake my fist at a coworker of mine. Most of us were bringing disposable containers for our foods for easy clean-up. You see, it's a 1/2 mile walk from the car to my office, minimum. This lady brings her cake on a pedestal, then procedes to adorn it with rasberries and powdered sugar. She was about to adorn it with a floral arrangement before she was chased back to work. *grumble* Naturally, she beat out my Tres Leches Cake (which, by the way, really needs some work). Her flourless chocolate cake was good, I'm just pissed I didn't think of plating. *fumes like a sore loser to self*

That being said, my macaroons turned out much better. They actually won 1st place in the cookie category. I couldn't freakin believe it! So there you have it, simple recipes can win out against those hoity-toity blanched almond ones. I won a lovely apron featuring art from my work's children's charity art project.

Oh so cute for getting goo on.

Aside from the awesomness of stomping out like 10 other cooks in the office, I got the joy of some minor fan-dom today. One of my coworkers came and asked for the recipe...much joy abounds. Hopefully she will be my newest bleader. We shall see.

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