Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've missed a kolache debacle or two as my brain is getting clouded from the countless bags of flour I have wasted.

Let's talk a little about fillings. The traditional fillings of a Czech kolache are prunes, poppy seeds, and cottage cheese. Being that none of those sounded appetizing, I usually go with apple, cherry, strawberry and the like. Jon loves poppy seed. He would eat a dozen poppy seed kolaches if he could.

So during this attempt, I scrounged up a poppy seed filling recipe via my little Czech Cookbook. Let me just say, the directions in this book are not the clearest. Basically you add milk, sugar and 1/4 cup of poppy seeds to a skillet and cook for X amount of time. Well, I cooked for that X amount of time and had poppy seed milk.

I kept cooking until it became a black milk. "Maybe I am not cooking this hot enough," I think to myself. So I crank up the heat.

After 30 minutes, I still have this slushy concoction in the skillet. I don't know why it won't thicken. I get the mess to a boil, simmering it down to something like a consistency of cold bacon grease. I shovel it into the kolaches and bake.

Result: Nastiness!!!! Jon was kind enough to eat one and spare my feelings. The others he begrudgingly took to his office. Poor fellow.

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  1. Why would a recipe want you to cook poppy seeds? Eeww. You're a braver woman than I am.


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