Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real Things People are Saying About My Cakes

*About Johnny Walker Cake*

Mom: "Oh wow honey, did you make that!?"
Me: *All proud* "Yep, what do you think?"
Mom: It looks fantastic. You really nailed that little marching band director guy in the middle there!
Me: ...  :-/

*About Hello Kitty Cake*

*Via Text Messaging*
Me: " My first fondant cake. What do you think?"
Doug: "Nice hat."
Me: "I will kill you..."

*About Rainbow Wedding Cake*

*As recounted by my mother*

Father of the Bride: "That cake was great! I think I ate more than anyone."
My Mom: "Yea, Andrea really is coming along with this baking thing."
Father of Bride: "You know, I really didn't believe she made it until I saw the wedding album. Sure enough, there were the pictures of her puttin' it all together. Who would have thought that your daughter could cook."
My Mom: ... >:-( 

*About My Cake Balls*

*Via email, with a back story of knowing this coworker was looking for cake pops last week at a local retailer*

Me: "I made these last night. What do you think?"
Coworker: "Super CUTE!...What are they?"
Me: *facepalm*

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  1. LMAO!!! Now I know who the "cake pops" person is because she just posted about it on facebook!!!


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