Monday, July 5, 2010

The Grocery Store, the Rain, and Other Broken Records

I can't quite recall if I have ever mentioned this before, but every time I go to the grocery rains. Seriously. They should take me to the Sahara to grocery shop so that it can change back to the green utopia it was in the ice age or whatever. So aside from getting my cardio workout via anger (i.e.high blood pressure) about the weather, I spent a good fortune at the store (not the poor people one) buying real food.

I have been neglecting you my poor bleaders and I feel guilty. My foodie blogroll count for this week: a big fat goose egg. Even the regulars have given up. *Sigh.*

So here is what's going down: Four days, four home cooked meals. The meals were inspired by a local weight loss joint called "My Fit Foods" who promises that everyone loses 8-12 lbs. on average if you eat by their guidelines. Cool, how much does it cost? Between $500 and $600 for 21 days worth of food. F that! I took a big pay cut to work at my new job, and $600 covers the student loan and car payment for a month. Geez.

So, I looked at the portion sizes they were selling...(which let's not kid ourselves, that is what they are really selling) and decided to attempt to copy their foods and portion sizes at home. Low Glycemic, high protein, low carb.

This week's menu (which Jon does not know about yet) will consist of the following dinner meals. He will be forced to able to choose from:

Mediterranean Pesto Chicken Wraps with Hummus.
Chicken Fajitas with Beans and Guacamole
Turkey Chili with Beans
Small Beef Tenderloins with Squash and Salad.
Turkey Spaghetti on Whole Wheat Pasta.

Be proud America, I have the fajitas, tenderloins, and Mediterranean chicken marinating as we speak. Of course, I had to clean out the fridge again. Greatest discovery: milk expired on 5/29. Happy dining.

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