Monday, July 5, 2010

Berry Storage and Other Conundrums...

Berry consumption is something new to me. We didn't have a lot of fruit growing up at my house. Mostly processed carb crap.

 "Fruit" at my house growing up. I don't blame my mother, she tried.

However, I have recently taken a liking to berries, and being that it is summer, I can actually get them in season.

The stolen "My Fit Food" diet calls for lots of berries and fruit. So I bought some to put in some Greek Yogurt they recommend. Here's the problem though...the berries will be bad tomorrow. They are ALWAYS bad tomorrow. What the heck happens? So before I lose $15 in strawberries, blackberries, and oh so delicious raspberries, I googled how to store them:

"Refrigerate unwashed berries in an uncovered container. Wash only directly before consuming." Okay...well I always used to wash them right away so that was error number 1 fixed. Now, the uncovered container...

No no, it's not that I don't  have a container that I can't leave uncovered, it is fear. Why fear you ask? While cleaning out the fridge tonight to put in my new groceries I saw, to my great vexation, gnats from the WTF incident of mid-May. How the hell they have managed to survive in my fridge after I tossed everything and bleached it out is beyond me. It is just sad really.

So in lieu of having gnats get into my berries I opted to cover them lightly with plastic wrap. We'll see how it goes. Have a berry-licious day.

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