Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm not going to lie, I hang out at The  Manor Falls Estate a lot because of many reasons. Yes, hanging out with buds is fun. Drinking waaaaay to much and cooking for my buds is great, too. But the truth of the matter is that I am a complete mooch. The Manor has access to tons of fine cookware by Calphalon  *drool* as well as the occasional popping up of nice cuts of meat, produce, and foreign foods.

Kail is the chief purveyor of the MFE. Jonathan and the Frenchie (aka Weefee) split the rent. However, Kail pretty much dictates over the menagerie that has become the Manor Falls Estate. What I love about my bud Kail, aka "Preston Underjaw" is that he lives by this motto: "I'll buy it if you cook it."  (Well, most of the time and as long as he doesn't have to hunt down too many odd ingredients.) So when I tell him I have the urge to cook, he usually dashes off to the store and buys a kitchen full of food.

Sunday, he got the hankering for kabobs. So while the boys were playing video game (boring!) I contented myself with making Kabobs. Now, what do we know about me and grocery stores? Of course, it started pouring down rain. So the grill was out. So I cut up these huge steaks and  hung them over a roasting pan in the oven. They turned out kind of plain despite my ardent attempts to flavor them with spices and roasted garlic. Oh least they turned out medium well, and not chewy. They looked pretty, too.

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  1. yum. I got Roy and my dad something called fire wire for Father's's reusable kabob sticks...we haven't tried them though. It's summer - you guys could call us ya know and we might show up and eat food!



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