Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping at Rich Grocery Store #3 & other things I have to STOP doing!

So in Texas, HEB is the store to shop if you want great food at a low price. Now if you just want a low price you can go to Wal-mart. I am giving them the virtual finger right now.

 (This picture was kindly stolen from another website )

Wal-mart, aka poor people grocery store, has the worst produce in the UNIVERSE. If I am going to do this vegetarian thing for Lent, Wal-mart should definitely be something that I give up. So, I head on over to HEB for the good deals and the awesome produce. Well, I thought I was...

The HEB that is closest to me is in that rich neighborhood, a few blocks from the "remarkable" store with the $30/ lb cheap meat cuts. It was like I was walking through the Whole Foods Market with it's wide selection of over priced organic produce, herbal supplement section, and vegan pet foods (for all those dogs and cats who feel guilty about consuming meat/eggs/milk *rolling eyes*). The store was preparing for dreaded Valentine's day by hand dipping strawberries for the rich house-wives who can't melt chocolate (maybe a little too judgmental with that last statement) and dip in clean strawberries. Even I can do this and not screw it up. Jon just doesn't like strawberries, so there.

Still, everything was ridiculously overpriced. I was naturally attracted the wall-long display of cheeses. (naturally I spent the bulk of my time there pining for cranberry-drunken goat cheese and a beautifully crafted English Roquefort.) But I digress as usual. I spent $53 dollars for little more than milk, tomato sauce, a loaf of artisan bread, cheese, bananas, and frozen ravioli...yes also cheese. Oh and some red pepper hummus ($6.99/ lb!!!! ).  So, even shopping like a poor person I spent way too much. When will I ever learn?

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