Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rich Neighborhood Grocery Stores are Awesome, Yet Suck!

 I love going to the houtie-toutie neighborhoods around the area just to see what they have. I mean, I just get shocked at the items I have been scrounging at my poor-people store that are here in the rich-people store in a dozen different varieties. Take for instance, the spice area. They actually have spices other than salt, pepper, chili powder, and Tony's and Mrs. Dash. Note the only slight amount shock and awe on my face in the photo.Yes, you can be shocked, too. Everything you see to my side are spices. Spices I would have no idea how to use...but would eventually like to try to figure out in some marvelously disastrous way.

There is a problem though (besides sticking out at the fancy store because I'm not toting a designer purse or ordering around a nanny who is holding my screaming toddler) everything is GOD-AWFUL ridiculous expensive. I picked up a pack a package of low quality meat just as a cost freakin' $26! However, with my "remarkable" card it netted down to $16. First of all, that's just ridiculous with at capital "R". Second of all, that is highway robbery. Lastly, there are idiot rich women out there that are probably not using that card and paying $26 for 2 lbs. of beef shank. Ridiculous. I get angry just thinking about it.

I was at the store for milk ($5 for 1/2 an organic gallon!) and a 6 pack of cokes ($7!) and some how managed to pay a total of $50 for like less than 10 items. Well, actually my semi-wealthier buddy paid for it since I would be cooking it all. But really, $8 for a bag of walnuts...ludicrous.

Our List:
12-pack of coke
1 carton whipped cream
1 graham cracker crust
1chocolate mousse mix
1 green apple
1 bag of spinach
1 bottle of red wine vinegar
1 bag of cheetos
1/2 lb of bacon
1 2-liter of fresca.

There is no way that should eqaul $50. It's un-American.

So onto cooking.

The meal consisted of grilled pork chops (he took over the chops, I made the rest). I whipped up the chocolate mousse and poured it into the shell for a french silk pie (later to be covered with the whipped cream).

I tossed 1/2 the apple (finely diced), 4 slices of the cooked bacon (also finely chopped), with the baby spinach. Then, I tossed on some chopped walnuts. I used some "thank God purchased at the poor-people store" olive oil with my red wine vinegar to make a nice vinaigrette for the salad. Quite tasty.

(The cheetos and coke were for drunkenness gorging later on the evening, so they were put away.)

The meal with friends was quite pleasant. Since the four of us spent so much money on a ridiculously few amount of items, we took on the personas of  rich, white Republicans and under-jawed at each other for the rest of the meal. I took on the role of Catherine, fondly "Kitty". Jon was George-Henry, my husband - but would also have to step in as Winston the Butler when we needed things from the kitchen. Girlfriend Julie became Diana with her "husband"  Preston..who did the purchasing and grilling.

Winston was fired multiple times for various serving fiascoes. However, he was ultimately dismissed as he pied the back of the freezer. (Seriously, it slid off the ice cream container and down the back of the freezer).



  1. Oh Kitty how you do inspire laughter within me. I believe I am now listed as a follower to your insightful blog and think this a wonderful use of your time that the vast majority would greatly enjoy. I will forward on to the ladies I play tennis with and also the ones I go to the utterly expensive jewelry auctions with. From now on you will be known as Witty Kitty! And that ignoramus Winston just had to go, I think he stole from me as well! Regards to George Henry, my dear.

  2. I think your comment was funnier than my entire post.


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