Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cooking vs Cleaning Conundrum

  Howdy bleaders & lurkers. For those of you who don't know, I have had a hell of a Lent (um... no pun intended). I have been home long enough to shower the important bits and fall into bed. My apartment is SO dirty that it is probably illegal. The EPA should be called on my kitchen. I resolved when I got home from work today to clean this disaster up. That is, after I went to the grocery store and to the library.
  SO I got home and immediately started a load of dishes. *vom* and then set to cleaning out the fridge, which was sealed with a biohazard sign by the dust bunnies that lurk under the couch. Nothing like a plop of currdled milk on your foot to make you lose your lunch. Three bags of trash later, I have a place to put the new groceries.
  A little divergence here: I HATE the fact that I have leftovers that go bad constantly. I have EVERY intention of eating them but it somehow never happens. Is this some strange scientific phenomenon at work? Do they get swallowed up in a worm hole and transferred to some other parallel universe before they are rediscovered by man 3 months later? Every time I go to the grocery store I resolve that I will eat EVERYTHING that I buy. Then I throw away an unopened tub of sour cream expired circa 1996. *Sigh*
   So I am now on dish load #2. I am finally washing the punch bowl from the girl's party. Yeah, I know that's bad. Don't tell anyone. I still have at least one load of dishes to go.
   The problem with a clean kitchen is that is always inspires me to cook...hence it get's trashed again. I tried to subscribe to that whole "clean as you go" mantra. Yea right, it's me we're talking about. I'm lucky to find my *ahem* "aspic" with both hands on a good day, let alone trying to clean and cook at the same time. So be on the look out for a new food post... the smell of fresh dinner is wafting from the oven....

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