Sunday, May 16, 2010

WTF happened in my Fridge and Other Godless Horrors...

So yea. It's official, I need to turn myself in to the health inspector. I am not fit to prepare, store, house, distribute or touch food in any way shape manner, form or fashion. We all knew that I was (am) an uncoordinated, slob. I get that. I am working on it. However, nothing could have prepared me for the horror that I found upon returning home for just longer than to shower and pass out in bed.

I cracked open the fridge to try to think of something to make for dinner and found the horror below. (If you recently ate, you might want to go come back after it is a little bit better digested.)

Guess what that is? Every little black dot you see there is a dead gnat. Gnat genocide to be exact. When I opened the fridge I said WTF so loudly that Jonathan came running in like someone had broken in and graffiti-ed swastikas in the kitchen while slaying a communist baby seal. Oh and that spot in the back is blood from hamburger meat that decided to leak out of the plate it was thawing on get everywhere. They were every where. On every shelf, in all the containers. I almost lost my most recent meal.

So where the hell did these gnats come from you ask? One Guess....


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