Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"The best pancakes I have ever had in my life" and other French(!) endorsements

A few of you will remember from a previous blog post several months back about an unfortuante incident involving a Frenchman and vomit. Well, you will be pleased to know that said Frenchie had his sister in town on a visit, and she had an opportunity to sample some of my cooking.

It all began when I came to at the "Manor Falls Estate" after a drunken soiree with my under-jaw buddies "Diana", "Preston", "George-Henry" (aka Winston the Butler), Sarah (who's underjaw name escapes me now) and the 2 Frenchies. Turns out a gigantic party dispenser of sangria plus a night of Dance Dance Revolution makes for a pretty good time. Especially if you eat the wine soaked fruit out of the pitcher.

I hear grumblings in the kitchen about starvation and hear vomitting Frenchie threaten offer to make pancakes. I enter the kitchen to see him measuring Pioneer baking mix into a giant bowl. I become concerned after he says that his last batch turned into a watery mess because he didn't measure. At this point, I demand politely ask to take over, being that he has used 90% of the mix and we had not enough of anything else to make an alternative breakfast for 7 lushes.

While Diana prepared and despensed with the Bakon Vodka Bloody Marys, I set to work to salvage the batter. Oh, and yes you read right: Bakon Vokda. Smells just like bacon. I can't drink it, the idea of drinking bacon sickens me. So I abstained on this round and procurred fermented sangria fruit instead.

Pioneer Pancakes:
A good mound of Pioneer mix
1 egg

Ok so mound up your mix in a bowl, add the egg. Stir in a little milk until the batter is more of a cheaper shampoo consistancy. It will kind of ribbon on you when you pour it from a spoon. It if is too thick, add more milk. Too thin, add a little mix. Pour a ladleful into a hot, greased skillet. When it bubbles across the top it is ready to flip. It will fluff right up after the flip. Give it another 20-30 seconds on the other side. If the skillet is too hot one side will be burned and the other will be underdone. A medium heat is usually best. When you get them out of the pan, slab-a-dab of butter on them right away. Serve with your favoriate syrup.

Diana's endorsement was fabulous with a "these look like the pancakes on the box" statement, followed by a "they should call you when they have a photo shoot so you can do the new cover. These are awesome."

However, the best endoresement came from Sister of drunkren Frenchie. I was led to believe that she had never had a pancake before. She came to me after a few bites saying, "This is the best pancake I have ever had in my life!" I was confused, "I thought you had never had a pancake before." "Oh, I have, but yours are better."

There you go folks. French endorsement. My pancakes are awesome. This is how they look, but I had to load a picture from another site after Sister Frenchie refused to be pictured. Boo.

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