Monday, February 28, 2011

One Day, Two FAILS

Dear Bleaders,
    Today was an especially sad day in Kersten Kolache Land. Here's the skinny:

I was chatting it up with my mother and she suddenly gets this tentative, hesitant tone in her voice.

Ma: "Hey, sweetie. Everything goin' okay there at the house..?"
Me: "Um, yea. Why?"
Ma: "Are you still cooking for that blog thing?"
Me: "Yea, I just getting back on the wagon. February was just sort of a tough month. Why?"
Ma: "Well...that picture you put up of the kitchen, and I was just it really that messy?
Me: "Really, Ma? You think that I would let my kitchen get that bad?"
Ma: *Apologetic* "Well, no, I mean, I just, it seems like you were having a tough time and I didn't think you had yellow counter tops any way. I just saw that and I was just not sure. I'm glad everything's alright.
Me: ...

Fail #2:

I would like to start by giving a salute to all of you who are already followers. Thank you for your support. Also, a special thanks to all those who are out there Tweeting, Facebooking and Stumbling my story to the masses. (I celebrate every with a squee and run all euphoric about the house when a new person joins.)

Like you, I am trying to get the word out about generally awesome my blog is. However, there are some haters. I got this lovely diddy from a dude from my very own hometown of Houston.

Consequently, I found a song about this very guy! What a lucky rabbit I am!
I thought you would like to hear it. (Sorta NSFW)

I have also been submitting blogrolls with marginal success. Today, however, I was summarily rejected from a cooking blogroll because it was stated that my blog, "was not about cooking." I was completely shattered of course, because I would like to think 95% of my blog is about cooking. I cried a little and vowed to chronicle more of my actual cooking.

Until I can get up to that magical 101% of my blog being devoted to listing out a recipe with explicit directions on how to prepare it in a dry, regimented manner, please continue to use social networking to tell my tale. I'm counting on you to get the message out there and prove that indeed, more people have read my blog than that guy's shirt. Namaste! Good karma be with you.

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