Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a Clean Kitchen

Christmas if flying up on me and for all of the one of you that have been keeping up, I have done a bazillion cooking jobs for parties. Well, after having a vomitous maximus stomach virus, I decided to sanitize everything in the house. I MUST CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!

This brings me to the fact that I HATE dishes. Dirty dishes are gross. So gross in fact, that even though I am over the vomiting phase of this disease, I might have catastrophic vomit relapse because of having to do these dishes. Currently, I am stuck with a counter-full of dishes and only me to do them.

One of these days my children will be dish washing masters...


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  1. I love that you collect dishes. Good luck finding a child to wash them for you; yours will bolt at the sight of their own filth until you remind them that you don't wear their underwear, yet you wash, dry and fold them for them, so why can't they load a dish into the machine?


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