Monday, June 13, 2011

A Foolish Purchase: What Cooking 6 Dozen Kolaches Will Make You Do

To escape the havoc that was the kolache making this Saturday, Jon and I decided to go to a local church bazaar and auction. We bid on a number of things, and we often bid things up so the church gets a bigger donation. Jon has had his fair share of getting stuck with things that he thought someone else would out bid him on. His worst to date was an electric organ. Neither of us play, so it sat in the middle of the living room for over a year. We finally donated back to the auction after I told him I was not moving it to yet another new apartment.

This year it was my turn. The more you bid, the more free drink tickets you get. I had my fair share of drink tickets, and the bidding induced hilarity that ensued after I downed a few cold ones. I only tried to bid on practical things, like food, gasoline, and the such. However, towards the end of the auction, they were trying to blow out some of the carnival food. I had been listening to how people were bidding up some over the other food items, so I got myself in a game of chicken...and lost.

I am now the proud owner of 25 sausages on a stick. I'm looking for ideas of how to utilize them. Of course we have just plain sausage with sides, or in "hot dog" form. I am also going to make a pot of beans. Can y'all give me any of your sausage meal ideas?

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  1. Chop 'em up and put them in a big ol' mess of red beans and rice. Or make a chicken and sausage gumbo. Or dirty rice, etouffee, etc. Stuff 'em in pastry and call 'em "kolaches."


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