Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cooking Withdrawl and Other Itches

    So, as you know dear bleaders, that I have been a bad bloggeress. I have been so caught up in wedding stuff that my blog has gone to the sink. *sad face* I found some time to think about things after being proded by some of my bridesmaids to drop the blog now that the mission is complete. I decided, that is just not right. I love to cook and write, preferably at the same time, and I love the comments I get from you guys. Plus, I'm not married YET so I wouldn't want to abandon my foodies prematurely, if at all.
   So here is the deal. I have the cooking itch. That itch that is totally time to destroy my kitchen or someone else's. I think it's time to leave the nest and take another stir at kolaches on my own. The whole family will be home and it would be a nice surprise for the in-laws and BIL's (Brothers-in-law). Interesting side question: Jon's brother is going to be a preist, so is he technically going to be my "father"-in-law? hahaha.
  Enough digression. I have been holding out on buying anything that has the potential to be added to a wedding registry. However, another birthday just passed and I am torn between buying professional work attire since I now work at the #1 Cancer Hospital in America, and buying something that I want for the kitchen. What to do...

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