Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recipe #2, Getting 21st Century on it

Recipe: "Mom's Bread Machine Kolaches"
 c/o Marilyn Tucker of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Yea so maybe I wimped out, but I wanted to make some kolache for a Czech girl's baby shower in my office. She was excited about the last batch, sorta. (Only because she hadn't had a real kolache in years.) She couldn't help but point out that they weren't as fluffy as they should be, and they were not poppy seed. Thanks Angel, enjoy your free breakfast.

In preparation, I asked around the office if anyone had bread machine. (I do not.)  In fact, I have never seen nor used a bread machine in my life. Jon's mom said that bread-machine kolaches are no good. We shall see about that!

So, quite by accident I emailed a lady with the same last name as my coworker in the next cube if she had a bread machine I could borrow. I get an email back that says, "Ummm... I don't have one, but Brenda in Building 5 has one she will let you borrow."

Now let me get one thing clear: I don't know the person I accidentally emailed, and I don't know Brenda in Building 5. However, I am now in possession of said bread machine. (Which by the way Brenda won in a benefit and had never used/nor knew how to advise on its use.)
So after a little Googling I have the dough going in the machine. It has an hour left unitl it is ready, so I decided to go out to dinner with a friend and pull it out when I got back.


Well, one too many margaritas later, I drag ass home and "OH SHIT!"

The dough has risen so much that is squeezed against the bread machine window and flopped over the sides of the bread bucket. What a mess! I dumped the dough into a well greased bowl, cover it, and stick in the fridge per recipe.

Have you ever tried to clean a bread machine while being drunk? Well, me neither. I gave it a cursory wipe and passed out in bed.

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