Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tonight's Menu: Pork

So, I have to say, I am not a big porker. A pork eater that is. My step dad LOVES pork. As a matter of fact we had fried pork chops weekly as a kid. My mom fried the hell out of them, until they were paper thin, sopping with grease, and chewy like taffy. All that was needed was to slather it in ketchup.

Jon, on the other hand, also loves pork. Ewww. He's a pork-a-holic. Double Eww. The only thing that thing that has me going down this path is the following:

1.) My baby loves pork, and shoots it for sport on a regular basis. Thus we have a huge supply.

2.) We were recently gifted some boneless pork loins from Omaha steaks for Christmas. They are higher quality and won't taste so gamie. (hopefully)

3.) I am sick, yet again, and my beloved is on this way to the store to buy my organic cranberry juice. (not cocktail, no sugar-added, glass container NOT plastic, in the near non-existent "organic" area in Wal-Mart). He can be so wonderful, and must occasionally be rewarded.

But I digress...

Behold today's recipe: Breaded Pork Tenderloin.

Straight to the point no muss no fuss. Well sorta. It calls for saltines. I figure any crackers will do, right? I have some houtie toutie crackers from one from one of those gift baskets at Christmas. I mean "smoked mozzarella crusted pork loin" sounds WAY better. Hopefully, they will make this meal tolerable.

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