Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog Envy & Tattoos

Yea...I don't know how to start so I am just going to say it: I have horrific blog envy. For you regular bleaders you will have noticed that my blog has changed color/background/picture/layout no less than a dozen times in the last week. That would be the blog envy and my insatiable lack of commitment to any look long term. That is why I will never have a tattoo.

Here is the list of tattoo items I have "SO had to have" but never committed to because I can't commit to a look (or can't imagine having as a 90 year old granny) :
1.) Clown fish
2.) Maltese Cross
3.) Blue Jay
4.) Barcode (yea I had the cajones to admit I wanted the barcode at one point in time. Don't judge me, you know you wanted it, too).
5.) dragon
6.) Sign language spelling something out

I hope my frequent aesthetical changes inspire you to check back regularly to admire rather than to get annoyed at the new looks. Feel free to comment. I saw an awesome halloween background I am saving for the appropriate season, but for now we will be bright and airy.

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