Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Broke Food

Broke Food: n. -to have to eat whatever is in the pantry because you are too poor to go the grocery store. As in: Andrea is a graduate student and has no money, so she must eat broke food.

Classic "Broke Food" Entrees:
Pasta with tomato sauce
Hot dogs, boiled no bun
Mac and Cheese if you're high falootin'
Ramen Noodles if your not
SPAM (Stuff Posing As Meat)
Bagged Cereal, with milk that is just a little expired
That mysterious can in the back of the pantry that lost its label circa 1986.

For today's misadventure, I have the luxury of trying to whip up broke food as a dinner for two. I am quite lucky that I have chicken breasts, quite unlucky in the fact that I have little to spice up and serve with them.

1.) Slap chicken breasts in glass dish.
2.) Rummage through cabinet and stumble upon taco seasoning best used by....3/10/11 WOOHOO! Still good.
3.) Cover chicken with taco seasoning and pour on salsa left over from unknown party.
4.) Bake

Side: Located a can of beans: Refried black. That's kinda Mexicanish. Like my Mexicanish chicken.

Carb: Found a box of cornbread in the back of the pantry. Unfortunately no tacos or tortillas. Crap! The bread needs an egg, and I had just thrown out all the eggs because they expired 12-05... :-/

Maybe there is an egg substitute like...oil? Excuse me I am off to Google...

Ok back! Little known fact: 1/2 a banana can substitute for an egg. As well as these lovely choices:

Applesauce: use 1/2 cup of applesauce in place of an egg in sweet baked goods. Add an extra 1/2 tsp baking powder to the recipe to help with rising.

Tofu: use 1/4 cup of mashed silken tofu in place of an egg in baked goods. Add an extra 1/2 tsp baking powder to the recipe to help with rising.

Soy flour/ corn starch: use 1 heaping tablespoon of soy flour/ corn starch blended with 2 tbsp water in place of each egg in baked goods.

Flax seeds: blend 1/3 cup whole flax seeds in a food processor, then slowly add 1 cup water to the food processor. Blend until it becomes thick. Makes 6 "eggs".

Of course I have none of this stuff. Gonna try butter and see what happens. Fat is fat right?

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