Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally, Dessert #3 Carrot Cake- Lessons Learned

The Carrot Cake is not all that exciting, and there is really not much to tell.

Except this: Buying pre-shredded carrots instead of using the baby carrots you have on hand and manually grating them is infinitely more wise. I would post of a picture of my shredded, disfigured fingernails, but I had to file them all down when they continually caught on everything. It would probably gross you out, too. To my knowledge, no one found fingernail in their cake.

The cake tasted marvelous, and I actually got a piece of it at the KC Luncheon. So yea for that.

Excuse me now. I am off to kill my Rumba for getting stuck for the 14th time in the same place. It's like door jams are like a black hole for Rumbas.

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