Monday, January 25, 2010

Food Blogging...yet another stressor in my life.

You know what is hard about being a food blogger? Competing with freaking chefs with their fancy recipes and their professionally photographed cakes, turkeys, aspic and what-have-you! My blog looks ghetto in comparison. Are there any professional photographers or graduatestudents who would like to build a portfolio off my baking debacles? There is poorly executed broke food in it for ya...

I started blogging about food because I like food, I like experiencing food. Not only the tastes, but the smells, appearance, and texture. I also starting because I love writing. Call me nerdy, go ahead. I bird watch, too. Want to make something out of it?!

I started this blog mainly for me. On a whim, I clicked  "View the Next Blog" just to see what others are writing about. Now most of my "next blogs" are other foodies, typing away about their perfect recipe or how to decorate 5 dozen sugar cookies so each one is unique. Yea, I'm not that kind of foodie or blogger. However, viewing these blogs gives me a horrible sense of inadequacy. Not only because the mother of 6 in the next blog makes fondant covered cakes with exquisite detail between breast feedings, but because it appears she has a team of stylist designing her blog and taking photographs at the proper aperture and angle. 

Perhaps my blog fills a niche. I am neither a great cook, nor a great satirist, though I desire to be. What brought you to my blog and what keeps you here? I'm dying to know. "Will Cook for Comments"

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  1. I like that nourishment is the metaphor for all of your good intentions and trepidation. I love that you have a theme and you're not afraid to expand it's perimeters like any brave artist should. You're posts about baking for your in-laws remind me of an anecdote from a friend about how her mother made a PB&J for her father every day and used it to communicate her feelings (i.e. too much jelly means "you pissed me off", perfect balance means "thanks for last night"). There is broad appeal here, but the market for writing is tough. Just check out the stacks at the bookstore and you'll get what I mean. Oh, crap! I just gave away an idea for a future post!


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